Heath Fellers

Heathe Fellers

Project Manager

Originally from El Dorado, Kansas, Heath attended The University of Kansas, earning a Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree. His academic journey was diverse, with a strong focus on Mathematics and a minor in Japanese. With a lifelong passion for construction, Heath is a polished example of what a Project Manager should look like. From the early age of 16, he began his journey in the industry as a laborer on a county road crew, where he gained valuable hands-on experience and developed a deep appreciation for the art of building.
Having explored various roles, Heath made his way up the ranks from carpenter to superintendent, and then ultimately to project manager.
Throughout his career, Heath has remained committed to delivering exceptional results in every project he undertakes. His experience from laborer to manager has given him a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the construction process.
Outside of his professional endeavors, Heath leads a fulfilling and active personal life. One of his greatest pleasures is hosting barbeque gatherings in his backyard, practicing shooting sports, tinkering with small engine projects in the garage, and exploring new hobbies.